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Social workers in Columbus provide daily support to their communities as teachers, counselors, case managers, and more. Their service is foundational to the strength of our public institutions, and the greater their access is to educational and occupational resources, the stronger our schools, hospitals, and other communal bodies will be.

To help support our social workers, and the communities of Columbus, SocialWorkLicensure.org has curated a series of open-use guides to give young professionals and students in the field the best information we can find on earning degrees in social work. This includes critical topics such as career specializations, organizational resources, and degree levels. It’s our hope to get these into the hands of our students and young social workers as quickly as is necessary for their best success. You can take a look at our guides below:

Degree Development Suite

Social Work Degrees Overview – https://socialworklicensure.org/social-worker-education/social-work-degrees/

Master’s in Social Work Fundamentals – https://socialworklicensure.org/online-programs/most-affordable-online-msw/

Program Decision Guide – https://socialworklicensure.org/resources/choosing-social-work-programs/

It’s our goal to reach as many students and social workers with these guides as we can. Many of these community caretakers look to local professionals, authorities, and educators for the guidance these resources contain. Please help us aid Columbus’s students and social workers by posting links to these guides on the Ohio Council for Home Care & Hospice website. This would be a great page for them: https://ochch.org/provider-support/resources/. Your link will make a positive impact on Columbus’s community.