Provider Membership

Provider membership is open to any business that provides home health, hospice, case management, therapy, homemaker, and/or home health aide services in Ohio. Annual dues for Provider members are based on gross revenue generated in Ohio from all locations and all patient revenue payers.

This is the only membership group that qualifies as a “voting membership” with each provider member eligible to cast one vote on important decisions and leadership roles of the association.

Annual Dues based on Annual Gross Revenue

$1,060   |   Under $875k
$2,120   |   $875k – $1.87M
$3,180   |   $1.88M – $2.62M
$4,240   |   $2.63M – $3.62M
$5,300   |   $3.63M – $4.12M
$7,420   |   $4.13M – $14M
$8,480   |   $15M – $49M
$9,540   |   $50M – $99M
$10,600   |   $100M – $149M
$11,660   |   Over $150M

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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to businesses and organizations that provide products and services to health care at home providers.

Join as an Affiliate Member for $1,500 per year. Upgrade to Member+ for $2,500 to save on a bundled Annual Membership + discounted Exhibitor Booth at the OCHCH Annual Conference & Trade Show. Upgrade to Silver, Gold, or Diamond membership tiers for even more value and visibility.

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Starting at: $1,500

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Non-Medical Home Care Membership Application

The Non-Medical Home Care Membership membership is open to businesses who provide person-centered care in the home and community. These programs help individuals who need assistance with everyday activities. Eligible services for this membership include:  behavioral health, therapy services, transportation, and senior centers.

Annual Dues: $800

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Educational Institution Membership

Educational Institution Membership is open to higher education institutions that value fostering a thriving pipeline of well trained Ohioans to work in the home care and hospice fields.

Annual Dues: $1,500

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